Victims of Crime

The Tulsa County District Attorney’s houses the Tim Harris Victim Witness Center. This Center, located on the 8th floor of the Tulsa County Courthouse, is staffed by well-qualified Victim Advocates, Victim Compensation Specialists and a Victim Property Return Advocate. As a crime victim, a Victim Advocate may be assigned to you.

A Victim Advocate will assist you through the court process from start to finish. Advocates will answer questions and provide updates regarding your particular case, ensuring that you have input and information as to your rights as a victim. Advocates may provide access to resources throughout the community that address your specific needs. The goal of the Advocate is to make your experience in the court process less intimidating and to provide support to empower you through a very difficult and challenging event. Victim Advocates are specially assigned to different case types and act as a liaison to the prosecutor on your particular case.

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