• Parking

The Courthouse is located in downtown Tulsa at Fifth Street and Denver Avenue. You may enter the building from the Plaza entrance at Fifth Street and Denver Avenue on the north side of the Courthouse or off of Denver Avenue between Fifth and Sixth Streets on the east side of the Courthouse. Security checkpoints are located at each entrance. The District Attorney’s Victim/Witness Center is located on the 8th Floor of the courthouse. The District Attorney’s Supervision Office is located on the 1st Floor of the courthouse.


There are several commercial parking lots near the courthouse at 6th Street & Denver and the Civic Center Parkade near 3rd Street and Houston. There are some metered spaces on downtown streets or in the courthouse/municipal parking area. If you park at a parking meter you will need to keep the meter plugged at all times. We are not able to rescind parking tickets. If you need to leave to put change in your parking meter, please advise the Victim/Witness Center receptionist.

Additional Information:

  • Area parking lots surrounding the courthouse range in price from $5.00-$8.00.
  • Most lots near the courthouse accept both credit/debit cards and cash.
  • Metered parking is available on the lower level, west side of the courthouse. Only change is accepted in meters, and approximate fees are $1.00 for two hours.
  • Handicapped parking can be found in the lower level of the parking garage under the courthouse. The best access to this lot is the 6th street entrance. The designated area is on the east side of the parking area. There is an entrance to the courthouse in that area with ramp access to the door, as well as the elevators.
  • Library parking is for library use only. The courthouse offices cannot validate a receipt from that parking area.
  • There is a bus stop for Tulsa Transit located at 5th St. and Denver.
  • At the north entrance of the courthouse, there is drive through drop off area that provides easy access to the entrance with a short walking distance to the door.
  • If you have a subpoena to appear in court from the Office of the District Attorney and you have checked into the Victim Witness Center, a $10.00 witness fee is paid to help cover parking expenses that you will incur. It is not necessary to provide a receipt for the amount you pay, the $10.00 is a flat fee and will be mailed to you.
  • If you have a subpoena to appear in court from the Office of the District Attorney and you have checked into the Victim Witness Center after driving to the courthouse, you will also be reimbursed for your mileage expense at .50 per mile. This amount is calculated based upon the address where the subpoena was sent.
  • Park with care and in compliance with all city and county restrictions.The DA’s office cannot reimburse for any parking tickets received.

Map to Parking:

1. Central Parking System - Sixth Street and Denver Ave.
2. American Parking - Sixth Street and Elwood
3. Parking Meters - West Side of Courthouse, 2 hours maximum
4. Civic Center Parking Garage - 520 West Third Street
5. Library Parking Garage - Off 5th Street, just west of City-County Library
Parking Map