How Do I Follow a Case?

The Oklahoma Supreme Court Network supports a website which lists filed cases in Oklahoma. In Tulsa County, criminal cases are updated by Court Clerks in the District Court.

To follow the minutes (updates) that the court clerks input as a case progresses, log on to which will go directly to the case search page.

At this search page, under Court Selection, use the drop down box to select Tulsa County.

Under Case Number, enter the full case number for the Tulsa County criminal case. Criminal Misdemeanor cases will begin with CM while Criminal Felony cases will begin with CF. This will be followed by the year in which the case was filed. Following that will be the number assigned by the Court Clerk's office.


  • CM-2016-0012
  • CF-2017-1234

If you do not know the case number, the case can be searched by name. Under Search by Party, enter the last and first name of a defendant.

Once a particular case is located on OSCN, various information will be displayed including charges, court dates (“events”) and short descriptions of court appearances. All entries are made by District Court Clerks and not by employees of the District Attorney's Office.