Biography of Steve Kunzweiler

Steve Kunzweiler Steve Kunzweiler is a 25-year career prosecutor whose number one priority is public safety and the prosecution of violent criminals. He was elected as District Attorney in August 2014.

Kunzweiler has sent hundreds of dangerous criminals to prison for murder, armed robbery, child abuse, rape and other violent crimes as an Assistant District Attorney.
He has a passion for prosecution of crimes against children and will focus on early intervention to reduce child abuse and juvenile delinquency.

Kunzweiler developed the DA’s program to use therapy dogs to comfort child abuse victims and accompany them to court to testify; established a no tolerance protocol for drunk drivers who injure or kill others and serves on Governors Impaired Driving Prevention Advisory Council and is a board member of the Victims Impact Panel.

He also implemented a policy in the DAs office of mandatory prison time for felons using firearms, is a member of the state Attorney General’s Task Force to Combat Human Trafficking and a strong defender of Victim’s Rights

Kunzweiler graduated with a Juris Doctorate from the University of Tulsa School of Law in 1988.